About Us

INS makina imalat ltd.sti.  is founded at ANKARA/Ostim Industrial zone. It is making production of the products whose project, manufacturing and assembly are belong to our company, within the frame work of the experience and knowlege of the it’s company partners that have 10 years of experience in the sector and making production without compromising quality, workmanship and materials.  Our company is a family company that manufactures in  Construction Industrial machinery sector with ins makina trademark, serves first-hand,  have sales of domestic and abroad.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and we are at your’s elbow with projects according to your needs. Customer demands that’s order is received is converted into precise line drawings with rigorous design works for conceptualize the project. Production phases is composed of four parts as welded manufacturing, machining, painting and automation system. Welded manufacturing, machining and painting are completed by experts in their subjects. Automation system is provided by SIEMENS automation system that proved itself in this area. Ordered product is delivered to you after design, project, manufacturing, transporting, installation steps. Our facilities are designed to give you the best performance in the operating stage. Layout plan of the facilities are arranged by taking into consideration the operating area. Spare parts and service that you may need are also carried out rapidly.

Ins makina always attach importance to innovation with Construction Industry machine models that it produces. Our company that serves as manufacturer in the construction industry sector, start out to be a strong and reliable brand in the sector, sends products into the country and abroad from ANKARA/Ostim. Our company adopt communication, manufacturing, quality, image, workmanship, price, after-sales support and customer satisfaction as principle and it is one of the company that follows the technological developments, continuously improving it’s works and giving direction to the sector.