Ins My - Pre Feeding System


Pre Feeding System is designed very useful with 7m³-15m³ bunker capacity. PFS has a night vision camera system and it can work in hard weather conditions (-70˚  to +70˚) System is not affected from dust or the rain.  The belt length is 26 m and it carries the aggregate with 26˚ angle. Width of the belt is 800mm. There are stops, frake system and warning signs on the bunker. 

Advantages & Differences:

There is a rotative viewing system on aggregate separating system and it can be controlled from the Mobile Plants Control Cabinet by the operator.  There is also 19” LCD Monitor in the Control Cabinet special for this system. Distrubution Chute can be operated from 2 km via remoote control independently Plant or Loader Operator.  Plant operator and Loader Operator can be conversate via (WTS wireless telecomunication system) and there will not be any wrong loading.

One of the INS Mobile Prefeeding Systems advantage is transportation. Thanks to demountable design it can be carried with 13.60m trailer. There are %50 freight cost difference with trailer and truck. In overseas transports it can be carried with one Open Top container, it means buyer will pay 4 times less freight expense.