Ins Mp30 - Miniplant 30 Mobile concrete batching plant.

The MP 30 Miniplent Mobile concrete batching plant that has been newly developed by INS MACHINE Concrete Batching plants, is specially designed for areas and projects with low concrete requirements. With the MP 30 Miniplent Mobile concrete batching plant, it is possible to produce high quality concrete at international standards. Our product can be shipped in a 40 'OT container by pulling behind a vehicle or in a truck haulage. With the installation in a short time without a crane on the construction site, high-quality concrete can be obtained. The MP 30 Mobile miniplent concrete batching plant, which does not need basic concrete and can be relocated in a short time when necessary, provides solutions for narrow areas and spaces where concrete is needed. It does not require any license or permission for concrete production.It can meet the concrete need in small projects or in areas that need less concrete. In rural projects, it meets the concrete need without the requirement for the installation of higher-cost concrete batching plants. It is produced with 750/500 liter 0,5 m³ PAN or with PLANET mixer.

Technical Specifications

Aggregate BunkerTanks: 2x4 m3 Total Volume : 8 m3
Mixer Loading BandSize : 2 Unit 400 x 2000 mm
Cement Spiral Conveyor1 Unit, Size : Ø 193 mm x 3000 mm    WAM
mixer capacity0.5 m3 Pan mixer
Concrete Plant AutomationSiemens
Cement SiloCapacity:30 ton –1 unit (can optionally be bolted)