Ins concrete batching plant for the production of prefabricated building equipments in Konya




PRESAN PREFABRİK manufacturer of prefabricated building equipments and concrete landscaping elements situated at Konya Organized Industrial Zone working in 52,000 m2, 13,000 m2 closed area preferred Ins Makine concrete batching plants Company is working with a production capacity of 200,000 m2 of prefabricated buildings, 600,000 m2 of concrete landscaping elements.


100 m³ / h concrete batching plant with twin shaft mixer has manufactured for this production. Installation and test production of subsequent delivery was made to our customers. Our 2 m³ capacity mixer has used in this concrete batching plant. We wish to be beneficial to Presan company which has a big name in Konya and Anatolia region fort he production of prefabricated building equipments.