120 m3 / h stationary concrete mixing plant was delivered to Beypazarı Village.





120 m3 / h stationary concrete mixing plant was delivered and start up to Beypazarı-Ankara to GMS Concrete Co. Ltd. GMS GROUP at Beypazarı is performing many projects in the construction industry. The company primarily use in their own projects and sell concrete to the market. Production facility completed in a short time, was delivered to our customers by making assembly and test production.


120 m³ / h with 3 m³ mixer capacity, our production has fixed concrete plant Twin shaft mixers were used. Mixer product features and extras in case of need besides the usage of the product properly capable of completion as soon as the maintenance time. 3 m³ twin shaft mixer, we first developed by our company in the sector in Turkey and automatic washing system is available in a standard mixer. It can wash the inside of the mixer by pressing the button on the operator's control cabin and a system saving users time and operator.


Our product is intended for safety and every detail has been delivered to our customers in making the application. We wish to be beneficial.